Christmas 2021

This will be our third Christmas in London. I'm starting to get used to the dark afternoons and the winter chill. I've been dressing in big jumpers and scarves -- cosy and warm. It was just me and my son for our first London Christmas as my husband had to work. The day was bright... Continue Reading →

Summer Lovin’

Balmoral Beach, 2015 It was just another normal Sydney day. Warm sun. People relaxing on the sand. Kids playing in the water. For the old Daily Post Photo Challenge July 25, 2014

Received a new couch for Christmas

My husband bought me a new couch in the lead up to Christmas! Well, new for us anyway. It’s a restored second hand chesterfield. We couldn’t afford a brand new one. Or the beautiful super old ones. But I’m delighted with the one we have. I’m now waiting for the post Christmas sales to get... Continue Reading →

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