“This little girl is me” campaign

This little girl had loving parents who encouraged her to dream big dreams of worldly success and status.

She worked hard but didn’t become the lawyer or doctor she was aiming to be.

She loved to dance. She loved to paint. She loved telling stories. But no one told her she could spend her life doing these things, earn a living and be happy.

If I could say one thing to this little girl it would be this:

“It doesn’t matter. Your worth does not depend on the letters after your name, the wealth you amass, or the accolades you get.

“You will one day learn just how valued you are and it will transform your life.”


Find out more about the campaign here.

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    1. Please do Jo! If you have an Instagram account, it would be helpful to put your story there too. It’s good to show a diversity of views and support this cause. We have until 11 October (international day of the girl) to encourage others!


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