Fireworks at the opera

That time my friend had tickets to the opera by the harbour and we saw the heavens light up. It was many years ago now. But it was a lovely time on Sydney harbour watching Madame Butterfly. The image was taken on my phone and edited with Hipstamatic. For Becky’s October Past Square

Between sand and sky

Between sand and sky is the sea. This picture was taken long ago at a far away beach back in Australia. For Becky’s October Past Square and the old Daily Post Photo Challenge for June 20, 2014: Between

Extra, extra

Extra, extra. See?Yesterday’s bloom holds otherFlowers inside it The image was taken many years ago. It was the first time I really looked at a hydrangea. I didn’t know they had petals within their petals until that day. For Rebecca’s October Poetry Challenge, Becky’s Past Square, and an old Daily Post Photo Challenge that asked... Continue Reading →

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