All the beds I have slept in

From time to time I take part in online actions that seek to bring balance to some of the toxic comment sections on the internet. Have you heard of #IAmHere? It's a network of citizens who counter hate speech and misinformation online. It started with one woman in Sweden and has now spread across to... Continue Reading →

Heading out to see a play

I am in Shoreditch tonight. The arty, grungy, vibrant, multicultural end of London. I am here to see a play. All The Beds I Have Slept In. The play is about forced migration. Written and acted by people with lived experience of fleeing for their lives. Will tell you all about it later. For Debbie’s... Continue Reading →

These bags are not for samosas

This work is by the London based artist and activist Sofia Karim. These are samosa packets. Something that street vendors make from scrap paper back in India. One day she found a packet with information about a court case on it. From then on, these bags became a form of resistance for Karim. A method... Continue Reading →

Walked through the incredible Westminster Abbey

Finally visited this grand church. King Henry III ordered the current abbey to be built in 1245. But they say a church has been on this site since 1080. It’s the place where the coronation of kings and queens take place. And notable people are buried or remembered here. For Debbie’s Six Word Saturday

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