For this week’s dip into the old Daily Post Photo Challenge archive, Krista highlights the word “Twist”. From the unexpected to the surprising, she says it is full of meaning. I turn to my husband and ask, “What’s the first thing you think of when I say twist?” “Ice cream,” he says. It was a... Continue Reading →

The sun always rises again somewhere

It’s a memory of a beautiful beach back in Sydney. Back when I went for sunrise walks. I have a soft spot for sunrises. You’ve lived to see another day, you see. A new day brings hope. For Debbie’s Six Word Saturday

The dim light

Watching in horror as Afghanistan falls to the Taliban. I’m transfixed by heart crushing scenes that my husband is telling to set aside. How can you look past this post from the New York Times? In Tigray, Ethiopia, people are running from their homes as the fighting takes hold. Southern Haiti was made rubble as... Continue Reading →

Work of art

Michelle says in this old Daily Post Photo Challenge that art is everywhere. For her, it’s beautifully cooked and plated food. I can understand that. But I still love visiting galleries.

On the move

I took a rest from going through old Daily Post Photo Challenge prompts. But now I’m back working through it. This particular week Cheri asked us to capture a picture that shared our interpretation of “on the move”. So here it is! Taken on my trip to Sloane Square. 😁

Love your neighbour

It's raining again in London. Summer has been a wet one this year with brief moments of beautiful sunshine. I was scrolling through my social media feed, when this image came up. It made me pause and think. Are my actions speaking as loudly as the the faith I profess in Christ? What about this... Continue Reading →

Back when the flowers were blooming

I’ve learned that spring in this country is beautiful. Especially on bright clear days. It’s a few more months until the end of our second year in London. We’ll just have to wait and see what the future holds. For Debbie’s Six Word Saturday

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