Cheap and cheerful chunky chain necklaces

Hear me out. I have been admiring layered necklaces since forever. I’ve seen them draped beautifully on women and men here in London.

So I bought these chains for some crazy cheap price over the internet.

My question is, can I – as a short, plump, middle aged Asian woman with a teenage son prone to embarrassment – look to the fabulous Mr.T from the A-Team as my style icon?

Because – just between you, me and the internet – that man is awesome. 😎

For Debbie’s Six Word Saturday 😁

12 thoughts on “Cheap and cheerful chunky chain necklaces

  1. I pity the fool that can’t dress like she wants!
    Despite having first seen “Mr. T” as an impressionable kid in the late 70’s when he won the midget toss (I’m not making up the event) in the “Toughest Bouncer in America” competition, his autobiography is actually pretty good. Supposedly, he collected his gold chains from items left behind at the, hmm… “establishments” where he worked.

    Considering a Mohawk?

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    1. Bahahaha! Oh a Mohawk would be fabulous… on other people. I had no idea there was a midget tossing competition. Can you imagine trying to do that now? Nor did I know he had an autobiography. I must check that out!

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