Our son passed his cello exam

We were thrilled. I threw my arms around him and jumped up and down shouting “Yaaaaaaaaay”. He only had about 8 weeks notice. And had about four sessions with his amazing piano accompanist in the last two weeks. There were timing issues and he was squeaking a bit in places. Our hearts sank when he […]

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Saw ancient things at the museum

Now this is a place my son loves to visit. There were a couple of exhibitions on at the British Museum, but he preferred to look at the permanent display. We wandered through rooms with artefacts from ancient civilisations. Marvelled at the fact people could achieve so much without modern technology. Enjoyed watching our son […]

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A flame tree in full bloom

These also flower when jacarandas bloom. Found mainly along the east coast of Australia, they say these trees have an ancient history. If I remember correctly, this one was blooming on a busy road in Chatswood, Sydney. For Becky’s Tree squares this month.

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A gum tree

We used to take them for granted. They were everywhere. Now I sometimes miss these trees. For Becky’s Tree Squares this month.

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Love All. Serve All.

There is a sense of excitement in the air. The shops in the village have dressed up their windows in preparation for the event. Every year our local tennis club puts on a competition that draws top tennis players from many different countries to these shores. Established in 1877, the Wimbledon Championships is arguably the […]

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