Flower of the Day

It was raining in London today. I trudged along its wet streets to post some birthday gifts for family back in Australia and New York.

When I came home sodden from the rain, I discovered a box full of flowers on our kitchen bench.

It was a surprise from kind friends in Sydney! They had planned it with my husband the week before we went to Edinburgh.

The message on the card that came with the bouquet made me miss them terribly.

So here is my very special bunch for Cee’s flower of the day challenge.

6 thoughts on “Flower of the Day

    1. Thanks Regina. Yes, we are quite settled now. Spend most our days just enjoying life here. But sometimes I still get pangs of homesickness. They ease quickly enough. We’re in such an amazing city. But doesn’t mean we don’t miss friends and family back home.

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  1. flowers for any reason are always lovely. So much more special when they come from people who are close to our hearts. They are beautiful.

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