Street Life

Edinburgh street life.

He was playing his heart out on a beautiful sunny Scottish day at the start of the Royal Mile.

In a photo specifically for this challenge Cheri from the old Daily Post Photo Challenge asked us to share a photo that brought a street to life.

Via the old Daily Post Photo Challenge #160: Street Life

7 thoughts on “Street Life

  1. I recall quite well the strains of bagpipe music resounding through the air when we were in Edinburgh, and other parts of Scotland as well. The most memorable of these occasions was when we visited the ruins of Old Inverlochy Castle (just outside Fort William); the music was so appropo & haunting.

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      1. We loved all the driving trips we made to Scotland – we spent quite a bit of time in the Highlands as we fell in love with it. We haven’t been back in decades as we stay in London these days when we visit.

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