Taking a short time out

Hello everyone. I have been struggling with words lately. A fog seems to have descended on my brain and I’ve been frustrated with the slow churn of ideas. This is me a couple of days ago -- sitting under a tree watching the world go by. After struggling with the blinking cursor on my computer... Continue Reading →


The old Daily Post Photo Challenge for 25 April 2014 was about letters. Cheri wanted us to share images of scrambled letters in any language. Made me think. There’s only 26 letters in the English alphabet. Yet they can be used to make someone’s day or break someone’s heart. Powerful things, letters. The image today... Continue Reading →

Midweek Yellow

Cee is encouraging us to participate in a little midweek madness with the colour yellow. This little splash was found on a small wall at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh last week. The next image is of bright yellow packages not tied up with string. But it’s still a few of my favourite things! It... Continue Reading →

These shoes were made for walking

Our Air B&B was in the west end of Edinburgh. About a 20 - 30 minute walk away from the main tourist attractions. It was still a beautiful, and quiet, part of the city. But our legs ached when we returned after a good day of walking. I was incredibly thankful for my sturdy and... Continue Reading →

Flower of the Day

It was raining in London today. I trudged along its wet streets to post some birthday gifts for family back in Australia and New York. When I came home sodden from the rain, I discovered a box full of flowers on our kitchen bench. It was a surprise from kind friends in Sydney! They had... Continue Reading →

On top

On the top of my “must read” list is this book — Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel. It’s been recommended by a lot of friends, but the length of the text had always put me off. The story is about the rise of Thomas Cromwell during the time of King Henry VIII. I finally opened... Continue Reading →


Right in the middle of the Royal Mile in Edinburgh is this monument. It’s a statue of Scottish economist Adam Smith, also known as the father of capitalism. I remember studying him and his “invisible hand” many years ago when I enrolled in political economy for a semester. Right in the middle of a busy... Continue Reading →

Street Life

Edinburgh street life. He was playing his heart out on a beautiful sunny Scottish day at the start of the Royal Mile. In a photo specifically for this challenge Cheri from the old Daily Post Photo Challenge asked us to share a photo that brought a street to life. Via the old Daily Post Photo... Continue Reading →

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