So much of life happens on the inside. Or so an old Daily Post Photo Challenge post tells me.

This is our boy. Inside our home on a bright sunny London day.

He is a million miles away inside his head when he’s researching stories for Dungeons and Dragons or playing computer games.

At least we’ll be outside at a friend’s place in a couple of hours.

Via the Daily Post Photo Challenge #158: Inside

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  1. Just a couple of days ago, I heard a radio report about a US university study that surveyed around 600 kids from ages 6 to 16 during various activities. They’d noted the median time before reporting “boredom” while outdoors was 14-minutes. I remember playing board games indoors on rainy days (when we weren’t outside racing racing popsicle-stick boats down the rain gutters). But I guess it’s a different time.

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