There were two things that came to me when my grandmother died.

One was a sapphire and diamond ring my father bought for her. And the other was a small bundle of photos in a plastic bag.

The photos were of our family when I was a child.

My mother left my grandparents’ side when she married. She said goodbye to her home in Korea and started her travels around the world with my father.

It was a time before WhatsApp texts and zoom calls. But my mother kept in touch through letters for a time.

She sent back photos of family holidays, of small every day moments and captured joys.

My grandmother kept every single photo. Precious snippets of her daughter and her family that stayed with her until she left this earth.

I take these photos everywhere with me now. A symbol of my grandmother’s love and longing for us. And a reminder to me that I will need to let my own child fly away into the world one day.

Via the old Daily Post Photo Challenge #154: Treasure

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  1. I have scanned my grandfather’s photo collection for easy access. Yes many photos were of grandchildren sent to them by their children overseas. Those old photos are so precious.

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