Sitting under a tree in Central Park, New York. It is an old memory. The city was so overwhelming. I just needed some time to pause and reflect. I didn’t know how much nature meant to me until that moment. Via the old Daily Post Photo Challenge #159: Reflections

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So much of life happens on the inside. Or so an old Daily Post Photo Challenge post tells me. This is our boy. Inside our home on a bright sunny London day. He is a million miles away inside his head when he’s researching stories for Dungeons and Dragons or playing computer games. At least […]

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Looking up at a tree in full bloom on our street. The old Daily Post Photo Challenge from 7 March 2014 was on perspective. There were some interesting tips there by Ash. If you have time, please do check it out!

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When love changes everything

When was the last time you cried tears of joy? I don’t mean pretty delicate movie tears that trickle down our cheeks. But snot snivelled ugly cried because something moved you so deeply because of the beauty of it? We see it all over the internet. From someone getting the latest pair of sneakers to […]

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Walked past an abandoned shop. It didn’t survive the lockdown. Its windows were painted. But someone stuck a picture of a flower on there. Perhaps as a defiant reminder that better times will come. For the old Daily Post Photo Challenge #156: Abandoned

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Ventured to the city for lunch

We don’t go into the heart of London often. But my husband was working one Saturday and I missed him. So I dragged our teenage son off the computer and we visited his father during his lunch break! I still can’t quite get over the fact we’re in London. For Debbie’s Six Word Saturday

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Spotted this huge flower on my way back from church. I have no idea what it is, but it was about as big as my face with a beautiful scent. I filtered it three ways (using Hipstamatic of course!) to meet the old Daily Post brief. Via the old Daily Post Photo Challenge #155: Threes

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There were two things that came to me when my grandmother died. One was a sapphire and diamond ring my father bought for her. And the other was a small bundle of photos in a plastic bag. The photos were of our family when I was a child. My mother left my grandparents’ side when […]

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