It was a bright sunny day today

These images are not mine. They were taken by my husband and son.

I was working from home. My husband had the day off. Our son was playing computer games.

Then we heard the breaking news. Prince Philip died today.

My husband and son went to Buckingham Palace to pay their respects. My husband then jumped in to help a friend who was covering the story for news back in Australia.

“So, was it good to go?” I asked our boy when they returned.

“Yeah. It was ok I guess,” answered the teenager who was still a little young to understand the significance of history.

I’m not a monarchist. But there is something about a lifetime of service to a Queen and one’s adoptive country that should be honoured and remembered.

I imagine it wouldn’t have been easy.

I do hope Becky forgives me for breaking all the rules here for her Bright Squares.

Just wanted to mark the day before it faded.

4 thoughts on “It was a bright sunny day today

  1. Prince Philip lived a very long life.

    May he rest in peace.

    A monarch (like his wife) can certainly preside over a long span of History.

    When his wife Elizabeth II ascended the throne in February 1952, Winston Churchill was the Prime Minister of Britain, Josef Stalin was the dictator of the Soviet Union and Harry Truman was President of the United States.

    How drastically the world has changed since the beginning of her reign.

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