A London Walk On My Day Off

So, I’m on annual leave. I wasted a couple of days just mooching around at home doing nothing much. But today was going to be different. It was a sunny morning. I had London before me to explore. I had no firm idea where to go until I started walking towards the station. It felt […]

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Self portrait

“Mum I think it’s the hair that’s making you look old…” my son commented today. “I am getting old. I don’t think it’s the hair that’s making me look old,” I responded. Via the old Daily Post Photo Challenge #153: Selfie

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Fading afternoon light

A memory of a far away park on a sunny afternoon. It was just opposite our home in Sydney. An ordinary park with brown dry grass in summer and tall gum trees around its borders. It was the first park my son knew. We had birthday parties and play dates with friends there. For Becky’s […]

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I taught him to cook bulgogi

It was a class competition. Students could volunteer to cook a dish from another culture. I was thrilled when our son came home and asked if there was a Korean dish he could make. Who knew it would be in London, a world away from our Sydney home, where I would teach my son how […]

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On our walk back home

It’s not a fancy shot. Or a particularly beautiful part of the road. But the evening light was lovely. We had walked to town for dinner and were on our way back when the light hit us full in the face. Not too shabby for a Friday evening. For Becky’s Bright Squares

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A sunlit evening

This really is a glorious place when the sun shines. I can feel my mood lifting as summer draws near. I still miss Sydney from time to time. But not when there are evenings like this. For Becky’s Bright Squares. Happy birthday to you Becky!

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We had guests over to our new place for a BBQ this week. We were all Covid safe and sitting outside in our new garden as per Government regulations. We used this object as inspiration for the food! Via the old Daily Post Photo Challenge #152: Object

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