There was a time our son really loved hot chocolate with marshmallows. It was such a joy to see him enjoy it! I think he still likes them now. But his reaction is a little less exuberant. From the old Daily Post Photo Challenge #148: Joy


It came in the mail last year! My one and only, very first red lips handbag. I was so happy. Much to my husband and son’s horror. Via the old Daily Post Photo Challenge #146: One

Day of blue skies and sunshine

This was a beautiful memory from last year when we went walking along the hills of Devon. The sun was out. The sky was blue. And before us was a vast expanse of green. For Debbie’s Six Word Saturday


There was a singer that summer night in the middle of Piccadilly Circus. His voice rang out over the old pavement as he strummed his guitar. People stopped to enjoy his music for a while. I know London is a big city. And it's hard to find a sense of community in such a big... Continue Reading →

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