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Springtime and sunshine

It was a golden afternoon. The sun was out and the air was warm. It was 15 degrees outside but it felt too hot for coats.

We were walking to get groceries for dinner. And the day was beautiful.

The winter in lockdown felt long. And it was so lovely to feel the weather turn — to see daffodils and cherry blossoms in bloom and walk with the sun warming our bodies.

The big experiences are great. But much of it is out of our grasp at the moment. We can’t visit other countries. We can’t even head to our local pub for a meal. And a part of me longs to start our great adventure again.

Yet pleasure and thankfulness are still there. They just comes in bursts at the simpler things these days.

Sunlight on our faces. Cool breeze on our backs. A husband I can share the moment with and a son who is safe at home.

It was an eventful day for us on the weekend.

We found another place to live. It’s a small move to the next postcode. But by the time spring is in full bloom, we’ll hopefully be living in a new apartment.

After more than a year of smells from the restaurant below and the noise from their extractor fans, my husband was desperate to find somewhere else to live.

Our little family went out on Saturday morning to see a couple of properties. One was large, modern and next to the train tracks. The other was on the ground floor of a building that was built around the 1890s. We fell in love with the area and space of the second property almost immediately.

We put in an offer after lunch. A call came back soon after. The owners were happy to accept our offer.

So in a few weeks we’ll be saying goodbye to our first home in London and saying hello to a different space.

We won’t be walking to the now familiar stores and places. There’ll be new roads to explore. New local shops to find. It’ll be a smaller adventure, but an adventure nonetheless.

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