I had my COVID vaccination yesterday

And other than a sore arm this morning, I’m ok!

We went to a local church a few blocks away that was turned into a vaccination centre.

I hardly had to wait for my turn. There was a lovely nurse who was free to administer the vaccine as soon as I walked in.

A quick chat. A sharp sting. It was done in no time!

I then had to wait 15 minutes before heading out the door. It was all very carefully thought through and efficiently executed.

Unfortunately I haven’t developed 5G connectivity.

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28 thoughts on “I had my COVID vaccination yesterday

  1. Yeah! Glad it went well. My husband and I received our first shot on Thursday. Our clinic was more crowded and chaotic….but we survived. My arm is a bit sore and my husband has felt tired….but nothing serious. Hope this is a first step in a return to a more normal life.

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  2. Good for you! Curious which one you had, though it seems academic. Sounds like Great Britain is maybe going the single-shot route, then getting the second round into arms as it becomes available. Perhaps a better strategy in an urban environment.

    Cheers!… though I’ll forego the shoulder pat. 😉

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      1. The Pfizer and Moderna are the only two currently approved in the US; both are two-shot mRNA vaccines. In a couple of weeks, you should be pretty resistant. The second round simply boosts and extends the insurance coverage. I had a rough 24-hrs (though no fever) from the first round, starting about 12-hrs after. Apparently atypically, second round at 28-days was easy-peasy. Local paramedics (friends, not rescuing me) were speculating that I might have had an asymptomatic exposure some time last year. Hmm…

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