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Please book your COVID-19 vaccinations

I received the text last Friday.

It was just a short note from my doctor inviting me to book in a time to get my COVID-19 vaccination.

I hadn’t given much thought to getting vaccinated. I knew my turn was coming, but I’d thought it would come much later.

When I first heard the news that a vaccine to fight COVID-19 was created, I was overjoyed. Finally, an opportunity to fight this awful pandemic. A chance to return to the life we knew before. No more COVID deaths. No more overworked health care staff and a health system on the verge of teetering over.

This was the breakthrough the world needed. It couldn’t have come fast enough.

I laughed at all the conspiracy theories. And there were a few really good ones.

But now that I am facing the needle myself, I can’t help feeling a little nervous. What if some of those theories were not that crazy? Did I really want my DNA altered and develop the ability to read minds?

Ha! As if that was likely to happen. But still, a tiny, unsure part of me did wonder.

I texted my husband as soon as I got the message from my doctor. I was looking for some reassurance.

He told me the worst it could do was turn me into a 5G conductor and help out our internet access at home by a country mile. So I should totally go for it.

I think he was a little envious. Because the next thing he asked was “Where’s mine?”

He is rather sweet.

If I truly loved him, I would take the shot first to double check everything is fine before I pushed him into the queue. But that tiny, uncertain part of me doesn’t want to go first.

I realised it’s quite powerful — the fear of the unknown. I didn’t think I would react quite as strongly as this.

Here was a modern miracle, an example of extraordinary dedication and hard work, being offered to me for free for my benefit. It would have gone through rigorous testing before it was made available to the public. Thousands of people are being vaccinated each day and the vast majority are without ill effects. Even the Queen was vaccinated early this year and she seems quite fine.

I took a deep breath, put my big girl pants on and clicked on the link that was texted to me. I put in my date of birth as proof of my identity and booked in my time for the end of this week.

I’ll let you know if the internet connection at our home improves.

Featured image by Hakan Nural on Unsplash

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