Springtime and sunshine

It was a golden afternoon. The sun was out and the air was warm. It was 15 degrees outside but it felt too hot for coats. We were walking to get groceries for dinner. And the day was beautiful. The winter in lockdown felt long. And it was so lovely to feel the weather turn... Continue Reading →

Fresh mint in my ice tea

It’s a five year old memory now. This was taken the night my husband found out his good friend was dying. I knew he was devastated by the news. But he wasn’t talking. He just quietly cooked dinner and put fresh mint in my ice tea. For Debbie’s Six Word Saturday

On hope

I recently read an excellent interview on the Rust Belt Girl. It's a blog I follow by the lovely Rebecca Moon Ruark. The interview was with author Eliese Colette Goldbach -- a writer from the rust belt of America. A thought-provoking and honest piece, the questions and answers ranged from Goldbach's time working at a steel mill to... Continue Reading →

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