Looking up at Buddhist flags

It was taken on my first trip to Chiang Mai, Thailand. It was also my first time inside a buddhist temple.

A group of us went to support a local church missionary who lived there. It was close to Christmas. Our boy was just a few months old I think.

I remember missing my family terribly, but also learning lots — about myself and others. I blogged about the experience some years ago.

For Becky’s January #SquareUP

7 thoughts on “Looking up at Buddhist flags

  1. I lived in the northwest of ChiangMai for several years, about 20-years back. Very peaceful “Lanna” culture in that part of the country. Many Buddhist temples, but I recall that about half-way between my home and the University I attended was a beautiful Jesuit retreat. Grown much since then.

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    1. It was more than 10 years ago when we went. It was around Christmas time and we were supporting a local church missionary. There were also an opportunity to talk to monks about their philosophy at various temples. It was an interesting exchange. I learned a lot from them. Especially the art of listening well.

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