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Up above the clouds

It was a grey day in Hobart when we made our way up Kunanyi. It’s an old mountain that overlooks the city. It regained its ancient name in 2013. The mountain was known as Mt Wellington when I was growing up in Hobart.

I had wanted to see the city below me and was disappointed as we travelled through what I thought was thick fog.

Then around the bend, the haze disappeared and we were bathed in sunlight. It wasn’t fog. We had travelled through clouds.

The scene before us was beautiful. Magical. A white sea that stretched across the horizon. Stuff we only see peering out of aeroplane windows high up in the air.

It’s been years since we’ve visited. But I’ll never forget that day as we made our way to the top of Kunanyi. It was the first — but I hoped not the last — time it showed us what it felt like to walk above the clouds.

It’s one of my favourite memories. I’ve shared a couple of pictures from that day on this blog already. It’s also my submission for Becky’s #JanuarySquares. The theme this month is any variation of up. Feel free to join us. It’s a lot of fun.

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