I’m bringing pastries!

Hello! I hope you are all well.

I’m popping over to Su’s at Zimmerbitch for her monthly virtual tea party today.

Why don’t you join us? Post a photo of what you’ll bring and link to Su’s corner of the internet, then explore what others have brought to the party.

Su is a lovely host and usually there’s a feast (for the eyes) on offer. You’re more than welcome to my pear and almond tart from our local bakery as well!

This month has been busy. In fact, I think the past six or so months have been packed with work.

I am thankful for every moment of it.

I get to tell people of how their generosity is making a real difference in the lives of children.

No longer are these kids without hope. Now through some support they can start dreaming of a better future.

And what a future!

If people can only see the real difference they can make, I’m sure they wouldn’t be so complacent.

So get out there folks!

Start with the small things like being kind to others, loving your family, looking after your friends.

But don’t stop there. Branch out!

Volunteer your time to a cause that resonates with you. Support a charity financially. And wait and see how your efforts will help bring about moments of hope in this broken and fallen world.

It can make a difference.

I’ve seen it make a difference.

Now, will you please pass me those delicious strawberry things that Su’s made?

11 thoughts on “I’m bringing pastries!

  1. Love your teacup, Aggie – it is such a happy pattern & colour!

    Thank you for the reminder to look outwards, to help where we can, to spread some joy and hope – it is not particularly intuitive for me as the craziness finds me wanting to hunker down and hide. Thank you for this call to think beyond ourselves and to make a difference where we can.

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    1. Hello there! The spots make me feel happy 😊 As for the reminder, thank you. you’re most welcome. it was for me as well. It’s human to hunker down and hide. It’s a stretch sometimes to think outside what we’re going through. But if we could only see the good we can achieve, I think it would spur us on to do more.


  2. Pear and almond is a lovely combination 🙂

    I totally agree with you.Over the years, the voluntary work I’ve done is probably what I’m proudest of. I think people really want to be needed, but so often don’t know how to make a difference — or get asked to. Every little reminder that helping others also helps us is definitely worthwhile.

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