Remembrance Day 2020

I shared this image in March, but I’m sharing it again today.

The wreaths were found in the crypt of St Paul’s cathedral to remember the soldiers who lost their lives during the Korean War.

I was so sad to see them there and incredibly grateful.

My mother was just a baby and my father, five years old, when the war broke out. Our lives would have been very different if so many from across the globe had not heeded the call to serve and sacrificed so much.

The stories of these British soldiers are linked to my history too. I am here today, because they fought for the country of my heritage all those years ago.

At 11am the world is invited to turn to Busan to remember the fallen.

The Korean War may have been 70 years ago, but it looks like many Koreans will always remember those who gave so much, so far away from home, for the freedom we share today.

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