Project 2020: Week #47

18 November 2020 Wednesday. Went for a walk around the block at lunchtime with my husband. It was nice. 19 November 2020 Thursday already! Ducked outside to grab lunch from the local store. Saw some trees on our street were still clinging on to their leaves. Looked like they were flecked with gold. My husband... Continue Reading →

Our first year in England

Saying Goodbye Hobart, Tasmania. Where I grew up. It was hot back in Sydney. My son and I had just arrived after spending some time in Hobart. The smell of burnt gum trees was strong as we walked to our friends’ home with our travel bags. I could feel the heat baked into the pavement... Continue Reading →

He takes us on big adventures

There he is. That's the man we followed to the UK. It's now just over a year since he came to this country. He says it's been a remarkable time -- even with the lockdown. I should have known life was going to be interesting with him. He was always a little different from the... Continue Reading →

Project 2020: Week #46

11 November 2020 Wednesday. Remembrance Day. The day we remember all who fought and died for the life we have today. These poppies are an old memory. The image taken many many years ago. I may have even shared it before. But I think it’s relevant today. 12 November 2020 Thursday. My husband was called... Continue Reading →

A lockdown birthday for our son

My husband bought the cake. Cookies and cream. Our boy’s favourite. Watching the delight on his face was a real pleasure. Not long now before he’s grown and it’s just his father and me. For Debbie’s Six Word Saturday

I’m bringing pastries!

Hello! I hope you are all well. I’m popping over to Su’s at Zimmerbitch for her monthly virtual tea party today. Why don’t you join us? Post a photo of what you’ll bring and link to Su’s corner of the internet, then explore what others have brought to the party. Su is a lovely host... Continue Reading →

Remembrance Day 2020

I shared this image in March, but I’m sharing it again today. The wreaths were found in the crypt of St Paul’s cathedral to remember the soldiers who lost their lives during the Korean War. I was so sad to see them there and incredibly grateful. My mother was just a baby and my father,... Continue Reading →

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