A very old street in York

We really enjoyed our time in York. It was a beautiful city full of old stories. We stayed at the shambles. A place that would not have been so pretty in earlier times. For Debbie’s Six Word Saturday

Project 2020: Week #43

21 October 2020 Wednesday. A rainy grey London day. Perfect for hot cups of coffee. Or tea! 22 October 2020 Thursday. Made it out today. It was in the morning before work. We’d run out of dishwashing liquid, so I went to our local store. Took a photo of the leaves turning in our street,... Continue Reading →

The Golden Hour

Taken one beautiful sunlit winter day! Got to love it. Not long now before winter comes around again! Via the old Daily Post Photo Challenge #124: The golden hour

Project 2020: Week #42

14 October 2020 It’s a bright sunny Autumn morning. I had sunlight streaming through our living room window as I worked. It was beautiful. Thursday zoomed past without me capturing any moments. The image above is from a playground in Australia somewhere. My boy used to love these things that rocked forwards and back. 16... Continue Reading →

Love and other failings

I am proud today. I know. I've got to watch it. But I couldn't help the emotion ballooning. Our son didn't win a medal. He didn't bring home an A for his homework. BUT Our son's cello teacher told us that he was a good student and that he had potential. Now that he has... Continue Reading →

When I played mahjong with friends

This is another old memory captured on my phone. There was a group of us from church who would gather to play. We would eat a potluck dinner and get to it, talking and laughing the night away. It was great fun. It’s my contribution to Debbie’s Six Word Saturday.


Hot summer days spent at the beach. Feels like half a world away! Via the old Daily Post Photo Challenge #123: Nostalgic

Project 2020: Week #41

My apologies. Wednesday flew by without me taking a photo. The image above is from Tasmania. We went walking in the rainforest and came across many moss covered trees. I found this one particularly beautiful. 8 October 2020 A cold wet London morning brought to you by scarves and cardigans. Maybe it’s because I’m new,... Continue Reading →

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