Project 2020: Week #38

17 September 2020

Waiting for the train. Heading to Wimbledon for a quick bite to eat.

It’s a lovely evening.

18 September 2020

Saw this church sign on the way to drop our son off at youth group.

19 September 2020

Visited a friend in Bristol. We’ve known each other since we were 13 years old. It was so lovely to catch up with her again.

20 September 2020

Sunday. Relaxing on the couch. Even had a nap.

21 September 2020

It’s Monday. So I’m back working from home.

This is my magic work lap top. When I close it again it will be 5 pm and I won’t know where the time went.

22 September 2020

My key ring collection is growing.

I didn’t make it outside for a long walk today.

Thankful I could still get my coffee this morning before work.


Project 2020 is a weekly round up of images and experiences. It aims to capture moments of joy, pleasure, and thankfulness that are found on any given day. It’s an attempt at remembering the good things and being grateful for them.

Thank you for stopping by and I wish you a wonderful day.


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