Project 2020: Week #36

2 September 2020

Nothing to report. Just a busy and ordinary working day. I event forgot to take a photo.

The above image is from Covent Garden a couple of days ago.

I am grateful for ordinary days.

3 September 2020

I don’t read my Bible enough. To me it is God’s word that teaches, rebukes, corrects and trains me how to live His way. Yet I hardly get around to opening its pages.

Today I am thankful for a friend who reminded me to open my Bible again.

I am thankful to God who put her in my path.

4 September 2020

Heading to the next suburb for dinner. I love our family walks.

Grateful for Friday Family Fun nights.

5 September 2020

My husband left us to play cricket today. He was so happy!

It was a sport he stopped playing when our son was born. He wanted to help out at home rather than spend hours away playing it.

Now that our son is older, my husband started playing again. Today was his first match.

I didn’t mind. It gave me a chance to spend time with our son at a little cafe close to home.

6 September 2020

The exploration of all things English continues!

We headed to a pub after church for a Sunday lunch. It was delicious.

Spent the next hour walking it off! 😁

7 September 2020

It’s Monday! Another busy working day.

Our son went to school. My husband went in to work. I was left at home in front of a computer screen to work.

I am thankful that I get to tell people of God’s goodness in this fallen world. Of lives being transformed and true hope being found.

I didn’t have time to search for an image today. The cover of one of my favourite graphic novels will have to do.

It is a story of a man who arrives in a strange and foreign land.

8 September 2020

Headed out of London to the office today. It was the first time I met some of my colleagues!


Project 2020 is a weekly round up of images and experiences. It aims to capture moments of joy, pleasure, and thankfulness that are found on any given day. It’s an attempt at remembering the good things and being grateful for them.

Thank you for stopping by and I wish you a wonderful day.

4 thoughts on “Project 2020: Week #36

  1. I’m sure it’s great to finally meet colleagues in person! I was just telling the editor-in-chief (and my friend) of the lit magazine I work for that it’s confounding we haven’t yet met in person. We “chat” all the time–over email and text–but nothing is the same as being there.

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