Project 2020: Week #32

5 August 2020 Oh no. It happened again. I completely forgot to take a photo today. I was tired after a busy day and it just slipped my mind! This is an image from Sunday. We were walking back after to the station after lunch when we heard their music. We wandered over and this... Continue Reading →

A summer evening at the park

We had a very pleasant evening at our local park last night. We sat on the grass and basked in the sunlight while eating fish and chips. Apparently it’s a very British thing to do. Six Word Saturday

Project 2020: Week #31

29 July 2020 At the end of another busy day. My husband is cooking a beef roast tonight. I can smell it cooking in the kitchen. Our son is watching YouTube on the computer. It all seems quite ordinary and just perfect. 30 July 2020 My men went for a bike ride and left me... Continue Reading →

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