Film Friday: Amélie

I watched this movie in my twenties and fell in love with it. I found it magical. Made me feel the world was still full of beauty and opportunity. Love, pleasure and happiness were out there for those courageous enough to grab it. Just a warning. There are spoilers ahead. Each scene was exquisitely shot... Continue Reading →


This is a sweet three year old memory. I walked in to pick our son up from after school care one day. He was in primary school. His Care worker came up to me and said “He is always tending the garden. Watering it. Weeding it. Go ask him to show you the passionfruits. He... Continue Reading →

Project 2020: Week #34

19 August 2020 Heading back home in the pouring rain. 20 August 2020 Safely back home. Still tired even after a good night’s sleep! Our souvenirs from the trip are unpacked. This one on our mantle piece was from a little gallery in Mousehole. 21 August 2020 We went to Hampton Court palace today. Home... Continue Reading →


This is my first entry for Carol’s Cheerful Selfie Challenge Number One! This is me at forty-something. Greying hair. Glasses. Trying to get that selfie angle to disguise a double chin for vanity. We were in the middle of Dartmoor in Devon. Climbing its hills that seemed to roll on forever. It was a windy,... Continue Reading →

Project 2020: Week #33

12 August 2020 It’s cooler outside the house. Late afternoon the skies clouded over and we heard rolling thunder. But the rain must have fallen elsewhere. 13 August 2020 It rained this afternoon. A big glorious downpour that broke the heatwave. The image of Mary Poppins is from Leicester Square. We jumped on a train... Continue Reading →

Drat! I missed it!

The lovely Su Leslie from Zimmerbitch invited us all to a wonderful virtual tea party yesterday. And I missed the date! She had incredible food to nibble on and everything. How utterly frustrating. I’m so annoyed to have missed the event. For those of you who are wondering what on earth I’m yammering on about,... Continue Reading →

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