Project 2020: Week #28

8 July 2020

Oh my! A box of goodies came in the mail yesterday.

They were from the executive team at work thanking us for our hard work during the pandemic lockdown!

I’ve eaten the brownies and lemon drizzle cakes already.

So lovely to be acknowledged in this way!

9 July 2020

It’s a clear neon yellow plastic hand bag! My husband thinks it looks ridiculous. But I love it so.

I splurged and bought it over the internet when there was a 40% off sale.

I am also running out of things to photograph.

10 July 2020

It’s Friday Family Fun Night! We’re heading out to eat Korean food for the first time in months.

I am so excited! I cannot wait.

11 July 2020

Dinner was delicious last night!

Now I’m waiting in line at the post office to collect my husband’s present for his birthday next month.

The sun is out. And it is a cool summer day. I’m feeling happy.

We’re going to visit Shoreditch this afternoon. And I’m finally going to get my haircut there!

12 July 2020

Shoreditch was great fun yesterday. We found a small cafe in one of the side streets and had lunch there.

They didn’t have a menu. We listened to a range of possible options and asked for something tasty.

We ended up with an English breakfast, jerk chicken and a chicken burger. They were all delicious.

13 July 2020

Loving this Korean drama right now! Have binged watched seven episodes already.

It’s called Itaewon Class. A tale of revenge and betrayal. Where the underdog struggles and finally wins.

It’s not your average boy meets girl story.

14 July 2020

I couldn’t get an image today. I was flat out working from home.

This image was taken walking around in Shoreditch three days ago.


Project 2020 is a weekly round up of images and experiences. It aims to capture moments of joy, pleasure, and thankfulness that are found on any given day. It’s an attempt at remembering the good things and being grateful for them.

Thank you for stopping by and I wish you a wonderful day.

7 thoughts on “Project 2020: Week #28

  1. Looks wonderful! So glad you are getting to do a little exploring–I know you’ve been itching to for so long. The handbag is cute. I know something is “me” if my husband doesn’t really like it. Not sure if that means I’m ornery or that our tastes are just quite different. You do you, as they say!

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  2. So glad you are getting out! I do love to meander through Shoreditch :-). Also, very nice of your work to send a gift of gratitude. That always goes along way. I’ll have to see if I can find the Korean series you mentioned! Cheers lady!

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