Up they go! Via the Daily Post Photo Challenge #112: Up


Project 2020: Week #30

This is my work space, meeting room and where I interact with colleagues. It’s what I spend most of the day looking at and working on. It does its job well. For that I am thankful. But I am waiting for the day I get to see people outside the boarders of my computer screen. […]

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My son. Many years ago. He’s grown into a teenager now. The change has been slow at times. Eye watering-ly fast at other times. But it’s always been relentless. I see the days passing through his changing face and his view of the world. Via the Daily Post Photo Challenge #110: Change

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Project 2020: Week #29

Evening walk to the park. I let my boys walk on. I sat on a bench and listened to music. 🎧 I’m at the end of another full working day. Went to our kitchen and looked over at the park. So lovely to see it full of children laughing and playing, running around and zooming […]

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I didn’t do challenge #108. It asked me to document my day. I just couldn’t find the time. So I skipped and went through to challenge #109 instead. All those years ago, the word press editors asked us to put up a photo where colour was centre stage. So here are some creamy orange petals […]

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Project 2020: Week #28

Oh my! A box of goodies came in the mail yesterday. They were from the executive team at work thanking us for our hard work during the pandemic lockdown! I’ve eaten the brownies and lemon drizzle cakes already. So lovely to be acknowledged in this way! It’s a clear neon yellow plastic hand bag! My […]

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Future Tense

This was my last sunrise beach walk before we moved to London. Who knew what the future held for me and my family. Via the Daily Post Photo Challenge #107: Future tense

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Project 2020: Week #27

First day of the month. Also the first time in London our son headed to the shops alone to get some groceries for the family. Just wanted to mark the moment. It felt like a milestone. Drinking many cups of tea today. It is getting me through the day! Beautiful friends gave me these flowers […]

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