So I shared a black square…

Now what do I do?

Do I shut up for a while and listen? Listen to the chants, the frustration and pain?

I want to help. I want to love my neighbour. Not just in words, but in action and in truth. Not just now. But years from now, when I am hunched over with age and hobbling on my two legs.

I need to learn how to do it better. I will make mistakes. I’m sorry.

I will try to do better. Because I see you. I hear you. And you matter.

Six Word Saturday

14 thoughts on “So I shared a black square…

    1. Hello Connie. Thank you for your comment. You’re right. We need to change. And that change needs to last. I think it needs to be a real commitment.


  1. You make a wonderful point, that change needs to be lasting–change in our own lives and change on a bigger scale. We can’t let this moment just pass without letting it really affect us. Thanks for giving me a lot to think about today!

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    1. I started with the little things. Things I could contribute to. Like setting up a small monthly donation to a charity that does great work with the youth in minority communities. I just didn’t want this moment to pass without some sort of commitment to change. It mustn’t return to business as usual. Thank you for dropping by Rebecca! Always happy to see you!

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