Project 2020: Week #25

Son’s art project continues! He was told to make a face with found objects. I think he was going for maximum impact, minimum work. The view from my window. I have just shut my laptop and finished work for today. I can’t believe how quickly the weeks are flying by. It is Thursday already. It’s […]

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Project 2020: Week #24

Nothing much to report today. Went out for a walk and the green leaves against the grey brick caught my eye. 11 June is a significant day. So many people in my immediate family have their birthdays today! Wishing them well from afar! Every second Friday is Friday Family Fun Night. We order take away […]

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Samantha Francine

This is not my image. It was found on social media and I am sharing it to keep. I think it was captured by _adriennegrace_ on instagram. I haven’t been able to verify this. It is the moment a man shouted profanities at Samantha Francine at a peaceful protest on 3 June 2020. She raised her […]

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Green hedge and a grey wall

I just liked the colour and textures of the hedge and the wall. Found on my daily trip to get the groceries while the world explodes in rage and pain and grief during a global pandemic. Feeling a little powerless these days. I find myself leaning into my faith more. And always looking for small […]

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Rodin’s glorious Kiss made its way to the Art Gallery of NSW from the Tate about four years ago. It was amazing to see it for myself in Australia and not on the other side of the world. Via the Daily Post Photo Challenge #103: Kiss

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Project 2020: Week #23

It was a grey day. There was another protest in London today. I read the news on my social media feed. This was my breakfast this morning. This lovely pistachio cake with pink icing and a hot coffee was a nice treat. Another grey day. But we had Friday Family Fun Night. We ate pizza […]

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This is the front door to our London home. A kind friend from church sent me a picture of a rainbow drawn by her daughter after I confessed how much I was loving them right now. I was asked recently where was home for me. I guess it’s in the United Kingdom at the moment. […]

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