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Project 2020: Week #19

6 May 2020

A clear blue sky day. The sunshine was wonderful. Thankful to be able to have a healthy lunch on our terrace.

7 May 2020

What a lovely end to an awesome working week. The long weekend starts tomorrow.

8 May 2020

It’s a glorious Friday! My husband has gone to work and it’s just me and our son in the living room.

It’s also VE Day here. But celebrations seem a little muted due to COVID-19.

9 May 2020

Tulips at our grocery store! They were so pretty. I was tempted to come home with some, but I was self-restrained.

The shelves were also stacked with toilet paper again. It was a good sign.

10 May 2020

There he is! My trusty companion!

We watched church on our computer this morning and caught up with friends via Messenger in the afternoon.

Thankful for technology that enables us to stay connected even though we are far apart!

11 May 2020

Good morning! Another beautiful start to the working week.

Happy Monday everyone.

12 May 2020

A blue sky day in my neighbourhood today! Thankful I could step outside for just a moment at lunchtime.

I cannot wait for lockdown to be over. Looking forward to many more glorious days.


Project 2020 is a weekly round up of images and experiences. It aims to capture moments of joy, pleasure, and thankfulness that are found on any given day. It’s an attempt at remembering the good things and being grateful for them.

All photos were taken on my phone on the day and edited using Hipstamatic.

Thank you for stopping by and I wish you a wonderful day.

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