The painting is by a central Australian Aboriginal artist, Betty Mbitjana. It’s a little piece of Australia I carried all the way with me to London. Via the Daily Post Photo Challenge #101: Unique

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Project 2020: Week #21

Early birthday wishes from Australia came in the mail yesterday. It was from my sister-in-law and her family. Thankful for family today. Yes! I made it outside for a walk after work today. The sun was out. The breeze was warm. And people were just out, sitting on the grass chatting to each other. I’m […]

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Our son doesn’t like hugs. But occasionally he will allow me and his dad to put our arms on his shoulder. Via the Daily Post Photo Challenge #100: Love

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Project 2020: Week #20

Beautiful scarves came in the mail from Australia today! They were big and bright and colourful. My parents sent them over for my birthday later this month. I was thrilled! Thankful for up coming birthdays and parents who know me well. Cooking dinner after another good day at work. So many things to be thankful […]

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There is a clearing just beyond these trees… Via the Daily Post Photo Challenge #99: Beyond

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Project 2020: Week #19

A clear blue sky day. The sunshine was wonderful. Thankful to be able to have a healthy lunch on our terrace. What a lovely end to an awesome working week. The long weekend starts tomorrow. It’s a glorious Friday! My husband has gone to work and it’s just me and our son in the living […]

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Project 2020: Week #18

Standing in line to enter the grocery store. The queue was particularly long today. Thankful I just missed the rain! Six sausage rolls straight from the oven. Hot and light and crunchy. It is my son and my husband’s favourite! This is a treasured possession. Our church family in Sydney compiled a book full of […]

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