That magic elixir

I introduced our son to this classic when he was eight years old. We spent an afternoon at Chatswood library and spotted the book in the comics section.

I enjoyed the series when I was growing up and thought a bit of rebellion and bad puns were exactly what our young boy needed.

The story opens in the year 50 BC. Rome has almost entirely occupied Gaul except for one small village. Thanks to a magic elixir brewed by their druid, Getafix, these feisty villagers manage to fend off the Roman army and defend their way of life.

Back home that night, our son met Asterix and Obelix – the two main heroes of the series – for the first time. He enjoyed their antics immensely.

“What did you like about the series?” I ask many years later.

“It’s funny!” he responds.

Albert Uderzo, cartoonist and co-creator of Asterix, died last month. The Financial Times says he was a gracious and modest man who was always a little bemused by the popularity of his work.

In 2011, the publishing firm Hachette bought the rights to Asterix and has been publishing stories with a new writer and illustrator.

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