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Fattening the curve

We’ve officially been in lockdown since 24 March. Other than one period of exercise a day or to go to the grocery store to buy food, I have not had a chance to walk. Not properly.

We used to walk everywhere when we arrived in London. Without a car, all we relied on were our legs and public transport. Now that we’re under lockdown, we are doing very little of that.

Unfortunately, my waistline is feeling the change. I tried on some old clothes we brought from Australia the other night and they are now quite snug. This morning, I caught a glimpse of my body reflected off a window and well, there was a giant happy curve around my tummy.

I think I will need to watch what I eat from now on. More fruits and vegetables. Less victoria sponges and chocolate muffins. Unfortunately, my son wanted burgers tonight. And easter chocolates are just a few days away.

My husband is still travelling into work. He is a journalist and classified as an essential worker. He is avoiding public transport by walking or cycling to work and back home. He’ll be as fit as an athlete by the end of the lockdown.

I don’t know where food goes on my son. He inhales it and then he just seems to grow taller and lankier.

So I guess it’s only me with a growing concern. I just look at food these days and it goes straight onto my stomach. I guess I’ll need to find creative ways to flatten my ever growing curve before this period of isolation is over.

In France, Elisha Nochomovitz ran a marathon on his seven-metre-long balcony. It took him six hours and 48 minutes, but he ran 26.2 miles in one go.

According to the BBC, Elisha said: “It was about bringing a bit of humour to the confinement situation.”

Last month, a Chinese marathon runner Pan Shancu, ran 6,250 laps of his living room. He ran 31 miles in four hours, 48 minutes and 44 seconds and said he felt great.

The Guardian reported he started running because he could not bear sitting down any longer.

I’ve never been much of a runner. I’d start and stop. But perhaps I should start again. If not running, then something else.

If you have any tips on how to stay healthy during this time of isolation, please feel free to share it in the comments!

Cartoon by Michael Leunig

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