Growing up

This is my son’s hand on the right. It once used to fit into my palm. I used to play with his tiny fingers as I cradled him to sleep.

Now he’s a teenager. Tall and lanky. Taller than me. Soon he’ll be as tall as his father.

They say children are never ours. They are just entrusted to us for a short time to love and nurture. But I’m finding time is passing too quickly. He is growing up too fast and a part of me wants him to stay our little boy, safe in our arms for a little while longer.

But soon my hands will be old and frail. His will be strong and grown.

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20 thoughts on “Growing up

  1. It can be a sad moment for parents. We youngsters turn to be adventurous as we grow. Sometimes we forget our parents and like to be away from them but we’ve forgotten we will have that feeling when we turn old.

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  2. Love this – had no kids of my own but a step kid that we explored the same and gave us a verichal for exploration.

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  3. I feel your pain as I have 3 kids, from age 23, no longer needing me, almost 16…sorta need me and a 7 yr old that loves being with us and I enjoy that time so much more because I have learned that it passes, yes, way too quickly.

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  4. Hi , True and kinda sad. I know and i went thru all you said. Time flies and we realize when our kids grow and leave home. This is, i think now, the most heartbreaking … Enjoy these years! Marius

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