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Project 2020: Week #13

25 March 2020

This is new music our son will be learning today. I love the title of the piece.

His cello teacher walked all the way to our place and pushed it through our letter box this afternoon. I wished I could have invited her up and offered her some tea.

We set up our computer on the ironing board in the living room and clicked the link to the Zoom meeting. There she was waiting for us on the other side of her screen.

26 March 2020

Another glorious day outside. The morning sunlight is streaming through our bedroom window and I am longing to go exploring this amazing city.

But I can’t.

I did walk to the doctors to pick up some medication though. It was a normal walk on an industrial street, but it felt beautiful.

Enjoyed every moment being out in the sunshine. Even took a picture of a cherry tree in full bloom at the end of our street. Maybe I’ll share that tomorrow.

We also experienced an incredible moment tonight. At 8pm our entire street erupted into cheers and clapping for all who are working hard to keep us healthy and safe. It made me think of health workers all over the world doing their best right now.

27 March 2020

This image was taken yesterday. It’s another beautifully sunny day today. But it feels like the world was nicer 24 hours ago.

This morning we found out someone had dumped the contents of a bag outside our flat. It felt like the bag was stolen. Luckily there was a wallet with a driver’s licence inside. It had the owner’s address on it.

I called the police and they asked if I could deliver the goods to the address. I was more than happy to do so. I walked a little over ten minutes to her home and talked to her husband. Turns out the person who was robbed was a doctor. Who the hell robs doctors right now??

After last night’s cheers, this was a horrible reminder people can also be awful.

28 March 2020

We caught up with friends in Sydney via Zoom this morning. A close friend of ours revealed his parents were now in hospital with COVID-19. They are in their 80s. All he could do was pray with them through their home window before the ambulance came to take them away. Our friend has spoken with them but hasn’t seen them since.

After the Zoom call, I went to the store. We were out of milk. I could only get 2 pints (a little over a litre) as all the bigger bottles were gone. I suppose I could have got an extra bottle, but there were only a few left and I was conscious of others who were going to come after me.

“I can get some again tomorrow,” I told myself as I walked away.

People were polite today. I received a few small smiles. Many were considerate as they shopped and I even heard one person thank one of the workers at the store.

On my way back to our flat, I spotted this rainbow on a window. Kids are amazing. And so are their parents. These rainbows dotted around the neighbourhood are a sign of hope. A reminder from children that better times are coming. It was beautiful to see and encouraged my heart.

29 March 2020

It’s Sunday. My husband went to work. My son and I turned on the computer and watched our church live stream the service into our homes. Today’s talk was on leadership. God’s leadership found in Jesus. The leadership that strengthens people and draws them together.

After church I went out for my daily food shop. It was freezing cold! Stong winds, rain and a little bit of snow. It’s like the weather was teasing us with the promise of spring over the last few days.

At the store, I was able to chance upon some crusty bread, baby tomatoes and some olives as well as a little bit of milk I couldn’t get the day before. I was so happy! You never know what you’d find at the supermarket these days. I can’t assume the same thing will be on the shelves every day.

I came back to the flat and served up some salami and prosciutto I bought previously with the bread, olives and tomato. It was a delicious feast! So thankful for simple pleasures like a tasty lunch.

30 March 2020

I bought a leopard print dress over the internet last week. Yep. Leopard print. It arrived in the mail today.

I don’t know what possessed me to buy it. I think I watched one too many YouTube videos on fashion trends. It looked amazing on these tall glamazon women smiling at me from the screen. For a moment I lost my mind and thought I could be one as well.

The dress was a bargain. There are so many clothing brands with massive sales at the moment. With all their retail stores shut down, I suppose they need to move stock somehow.

I tried on the wrap dress as soon as it arrived and for a moment I felt like Sheena, queen of the jungle. Then I looked at the mirror and realised I was a short, overweight, middle aged woman encased in a clingy dress that looked like it could go out trick or treating by itself.

I wasn’t a yummy mummy. I was tubby mummy.

I’m keeping the dress though. It’s my first leopard print dress and with some careful layering, or maybe with the right jacket or jumper, I can do something with it.

I spent ages trying to figure out how to wear this thing in a way that was flattering. Felt like I was six years old playing dress ups. It was quite fun for a while and a helpful distraction as I stayed at home all day.

It was late in the evening when I found out that someone on my husband’s cousin’s extended family died of COVID-19. She passed away yesterday.

31 March 2020

I dressed up today. I put on my black skirt and white shirt. Threw on a dress that unbuttoned into an overcoat over the top of it. Put on a pair of purple stockings and then some socks over the top for warmth.

I rubbed some foundation on my face and carefully applied bright pink lipstick to my dry lips.

“Mum, why are you wearing make up?” my son asked.

“Don’t know.”

I don’t know why I went to the effort. But it used up some time and made me feel a little better. The news last night was so sad. I hoped my husband’s extended family was ok.

I knew I would be a tad overdressed for my daily supermarket shop, then I realised I really didn’t care. Life in lockdown was too unnerving to be worried about such things. If I wanted to shop in a borderline evening gown and glamorous make up, then I should just go ahead and do it.

Spotted flowers growing on the footpath on the way to the grocery store. Nature doesn’t care that we’re in lockdown. It’s spring. So flowers will do what flowers will do.

My trip to the store was different again today. There was no queue when I arrived and the shelves were fully stocked. It looked and felt amazing to see so much food.

I bought a few things for lunch and dinner. Did not purchase our usual muffins and went straight home. I thought I should cut down on the sugary cakes we love so much. We’re doing so little exercise these days.

I will remember the woman at the cash register though. She took one look at me and smiled. I grinned back. Maybe I should get dressed up for the supermarket more often.


Project 2020 is a weekly roundup of images and experiences. It aims to capture moments of joy, pleasure, and thankfulness that are found on any given day. It’s an attempt at remembering the good things and being grateful for them. Thank you for stopping by and I wish you a wonderful day.

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