Project 2020: Week #13

25 March 2020 This is new music our son will be learning today. I love the title of the piece. His cello teacher walked all the way to our place and pushed it through our letter box this afternoon. I wished I could have invited her up and offered her some tea. We set up... Continue Reading →


Found in the crypt of St Paul’s Cathedral. They were under a plaque commemorating the British servicemen who lost their lives in the Korean War. I felt so sorry and grateful. Via the Daily Post Photo Challenge #91: Thankful

Project 2020: Week #12

18 March 2020 Big, red and sweet. I spotted the strawberries at our local grocery store. There was still plenty of fruits and vegetables. Lots of food and drink. It was comforting to see. There is no forced lockdown in the UK as yet. There are warnings to be sensible, to avoid large gatherings and... Continue Reading →

Courage, Compassion and COVID19

Our family moved to London a little over three months ago. It was in the middle of winter. It was dark and cold, but that didn't bother us. We wandered the crowded streets and enjoyed every bit of what this grand old city had to offer. It was before the world knew about COVID19. A... Continue Reading →

It was a beautiful spring day!

Before the world went completely bonkers, there was a sunny and warm spring day. When children came rushing out of their homes to play at the local park and parents smiled as they watched their kids. For Debbie’s Six Word Saturday

Project 2020: Week #11

11 March 2020 You can't beat a sunny day. My husband volunteered for some extra shifts at work so I am home alone again enjoying the sunlight streaming through our windows. I am looking forward to May. They say the weather is consistently glorious from May. I can't wait to visit the gardens we saw... Continue Reading →

Mint and rosewater tea

I’m joining Su for some tea. You are most welcome to join us! The image was taken in happier times. Before all the restaurants emptied of people. I cannot wait for all this to be over and normal life to resume. In the meantime, here is some mint and rosewater tea. Delicious with hummus and... Continue Reading →

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