When money, power, pride, meets art

This was an unsettling installation in the V&A by America artist, Darren Waterston.

He recreated his own version of the Peacock Room, a famous dinning room decorated by James Whistler, to symbolise the “tension between art and money; ego and patronage.”

Th image is my contribution to Debbie’s Six Word Saturday.

10 thoughts on “When money, power, pride, meets art

    1. It was a beautiful installation, but something was a bit “off” about it. Maybe it was the crushed pottery on the ground or the broken shelves, it didn’t leave me with a comfortable feeling. After reading about the history of the original room, I can understand why!

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      1. Yes, I found myself unable to really focus and feel a sense of cohesiveness. My eyes were taken in many different directions. I imagine seeing all the details in person was even more impactful.

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