Ready or not, here comes 2020

It’s already 2020 back home. The new year has started while we wait for it to begin here. I was going to head to a museum to distract myself from the absence of good friends, but our boy absolutely refused. “No. No. Nope. Not another museum,” he muttered. So we went shopping the post Christmas […]

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Dear 2019…

Dear wonderful, sad, crazy, surprising 2019, You started like any other normal new year. I was sitting at our kitchen table, unable to sleep. I was writing about last year and how I wished this year would be a kinder one for us all. I was listening to the tick tick ticking of our clock […]

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The 2020 project

I wonder if I will be able to do it. In 2015 blogger Erica Varlese of Erica.Blog made the decision to snap one photo a day for an entire year. She then posted a round up of the week’s photos once a week. Her work was highlighted on the Daily Post a few years back, […]

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Merging with the trees and traffic, I saw a protest march past. Via the Daily Post Photo Challenge #77: Merge

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An afternoon walk around London

Our family walked around London last weekend. There was no particular reason for the walk. Just a desire to explore this massive, ancient city. It is difficult to believe this incredible place has now become our stomping ground for a while. A simple train ride takes us into the heart of a vibrant, modern city […]

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You know there is something wrong when the streets are full of smoke and you can almost taste the smell of burning trees. The sun is covered in a thick haze. It’s a hot summer. And that often means bush fire season in Australia. Via the Daily Post Photo Challenge #76: Wrong

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