Settling in

So here we are.

After a long flight we are finally here on the other side of the world.

It is cold and wet and fresh. The days get dark early and light later in the morning.

Our second day was spent house hunting. In the grey twilight, I met a friendly couple who passed by and wished us a good afternoon.

“Good afternoon,” I smiled back.

It felt closer to evening and far away from the summer heat and the bushfire smoke haze that engulfed Sydney before we left.

It’s been drizzling since we arrived. Softly. Rain that hushed tree-lined streets and kept the sun away.

There is a gentleness to the place that isn’t found in Australia. The blazing sunlight, the heat, the drought, the bushfires and floods. All markers of my sunburnt country and the home we left behind.

My first impressions of the South West of London where our son will go to school is one of old houses, beautiful trees, fog and quiet. It is all so green here. And it is lovely.

It was a good day today.

It was my first Monday in this country and I think we may have found a place to stay. Close to the station and to our son’s school. The suburb is not frantically busy nor is it too quiet.

The house is small, but the kitchen is new and overlooks a park. It reminds me of the park that was opposite our place back home. Only, this park had thick green grass, different to the summer parched dry brown grass that sometimes greeted us in Australia.

We’ll see what happens when we submit our application for the place.

Today was also the day I tried to buy a muffin and a coffee with the following.

I thought it added up to £5.

“I’m sorry madam. That is £2 and… a dollar?” said the lady at the counter.

We were both relieved when I fished out a £5 note from my wallet.

Working out the simple unfamiliar things has been, and continues to be, an adventure. A trip to the city on the London tube felt like an expedition into a new world.

I cannot wait to explore this place further. I cannot wait to see my husband and son flourish in this much busier and bigger city.

And I am looking forward to finding my own feet.

Here’s to new adventures, new experiences and growing through them.

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  1. I am so excited for your new adventures in a city that I loved. I hope you enjoy SW. we found it a beautiful place to live – we foraged blackberries in the parks in summer and elderflowers to make cordial in the spring.

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