The evening went well, thank you.

It is Wednesday night as I write.

I am home now after an emotional evening.

In a small room, packed with people, we heard directly from two remarkable people who have come to Australia in search of safety, fairness and dignity.

I asked them if they could tell the room about their home country.

One of them answered the country they fled was not their home. If it was home, they’d still be there.

It was a sobering, and powerful answer that will remain with me.

Their humanity shone through that night. We heard their desperate need for protection from our Government. Their desire to call this democratic country home. And their wish to contribute more fully to it.

There were about 100 people who came tonight. And I hope many of them were moved to action.

Thank you to those who wished me well speaking at my first political event.

The image isn’t mine. My husband took it as I spoke.

But it is my contribution to Debbie’s Six Word Saturday.

14 thoughts on “The evening went well, thank you.

  1. Thank you for sharing and for reminding us all across the world that noone flees their home, home is a place of sanctuary so if you have had to leave it, it is no longer home

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    1. Thanks Sue. The Mayor came. Heard their stories and decided to give one of the speakers (who was looking for work) work experience at the Council. Praying it will lead to paid employment soon!

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