He is almost here!

"You can’t trust the media. They will always tell you bad things," our 12 year old told me one night. "No they don’t," I defended. "Seriously mum. Would you be interested in a story of dogs playing with butterflies or some war somewhere that is killing millions of people?" "Dogs playing with butterflies." "No you... Continue Reading →

Waiting for the movie to start

Me: Come on. Let’s go. Things to do. Movies to see. Him: Mum I’m on holidays. You’re not supposed to move when you’re on holidays. I managed to drag him off the couch and push him out the door without too much fuss. It was a cute movie. For Debbie's Six Word Saturday!

Here we go…!

Here we go again. I thought I had left that nomadic life behind me. I thought I had finally settled. I married, had a son and made this country my home. I was ready to put down roots. I didn't expect my husband to say he wanted to move. I didn't expect he'd one day... Continue Reading →

Love getting lost in a book

This came in the mail recently. It’s about a group of young Afghans determined to form a community devoted to peace. "We sound idealistic?" The leader of the community asks in the foreword. "No, we refuse to believe that love is idealistic. Relationships are revolutionary and love their most powerful energy." It is my contribution... Continue Reading →


I know a little boy. He is not like the others. He likes clapping and stomping his feet. At times during class, he would lie down and stare through the tiny gap between the door and the floor to see the world on the other side. The first time I met him he wouldn't hold... Continue Reading →

Strong women

It takes courage to do something different. To step outside what your family or your community expect of you. Tonight I saw a play about a woman who is defying her community to carve out a safe space for Afghan women. Her name is Maryam and for about an hour I sat there, in a... Continue Reading →

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