Memory of a John Olsen exhibition

John Olsen is an Australian artist. Born in Newcastle in the 1920s, he should be well into his nineties by now.

Olsen’s work, Five Bells, was the first piece of artwork my son recognised and tried to explain to me when we visited the Art Gallery of New South Wales. He was six years old at the time. His Grade One class went on an excursion that year to the gallery and the painting must have resonated with him.

Olsen is still one of his favourite painters.

He had a large exhibition of his life’s work in 2017. By now our boy was becoming reluctant to come along with his mother to art galleries, his attention drawn to lounging at home watching YouTube videos.

I forced him to come anyway. I knew that he would enjoy spending some time with Olsen’s work. And he did.

It is a cherished memory and my contribution to Debbie’s Six Word Saturday!

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