My family. On warm days we would lounge outside on the couch watching television. About another month to go before my husband comes back from his overseas job and we can be together again. Via the Daily Post Photo Challenge #63: Together

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Love in hard places

I came across the following story at work. A church located somewhere in Sydney’s sprawling western suburbs was doing their best to love their community. I wrote their story for our donor newsletter and the local press. I’m sharing the essence of it here because I want to remember it. I want to keep it […]

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A good day at work yesterday

I’ve recently started working with our community service department. For two days a week I support people who have fled conflict and persecution and are struggling with their health and well-being. I’ve been tasked to set up a community engagement program as part of the role. So far it has involved a lot of research […]

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Two subjects

My two favourite subjects. We were waiting for our flight at the Airport. We had spent a wonderful week with my side of the family in Hawaii and were heading back to Sydney. We swam under blue skies and ate good food. We toured Pearl Harbour and shopped at the Ala Moana. Now we were […]

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Just. Keep. Going.

There is a young woman named Rei Iida. She is a 19 year old runner. Rei was competing in a relay marathon in Fukuoka Prefecture in October last year. She was almost at the end of her 3.5 km stretch when she fell and broke her leg. It would have been the end of the […]

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🎶 ‘Cause I’m leaving on a jet plane I don’t know when I’ll be back again 🎶 Via the Daily Post Photo Challenge #60: Journey

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I went to a combined public school music concert last week. Our son was playing the cello this time. Not the double bass. At the final day of rehearsal, our boy forgot to take his instrument to school. He said he had to sit there and just listen. We were both a little nervous on […]

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