Sun. Sea. Surf. Small things. Thankful.

The beach at sunrise. It’s one of my great pleasures.

There is a group of us who often go for a sunrise walk to greet the weekend.

We talk about the people we love. We support each other through the good and not so good stuff.

It is a joy to meet up regularly and share our lives.

The image was taken this morning on my phone and edited using Hipstamatic.

It’s my contribution to Debbie’s Six Word Saturday this week.

21 thoughts on “Sun. Sea. Surf. Small things. Thankful.

  1. Beholding the sunrise is one of the things we should be thankful for. It’s a sign that we are still alive to see another day. That photo reminds me of my hometown. Our house is located by the beach on the eastern side of the island. So, we get to witness as the sun rises from the horizon.
    The Catalyst

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    1. That sounds beautiful! The beach is still about a 30 minute drive away from where I live. And I think I may love sunrises for the same reason you stated.

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