Coffee. Anytime. Any where. Even sitting on a milk crate waiting for friends. Via the Daily Post Photo Challenge #54: Indulge


At the beach earlier this year. Marking Australia Day. It is a difficult day for Australia's First Peoples. For many many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, the day is time to mourn and acknowledge their survival. I can't wait for the day when we can all celebrate this remarkable country. I looked down and took... Continue Reading →

Love saves a dying church

There was once a dying church in Sydney's inner west suburb of Burwood. Where only a few faithful members turned up to worship on Sunday. The Parish had been a place of Anglican worship and ministry in the area for about 150 years. In its heyday, it would have seen hundreds of people walk through... Continue Reading →


I didn't know my grandmother very well. She lived half a world away in South Korea. They say she was beautiful. They say she was organised and kind. I wish I knew her better. But I ran out of time. Via the Daily Post Photo Challenge #52: Regret

Out of my comfort zone

I was asked recently to share my experience of volunteering. And it led me to this post. I have never been politically active. I was always happy to stay in my lane. But when the Government cut Support Services to people who had no country, no home, traumatised by conflict and persecution, my heart broke.... Continue Reading →


An ice lolly. Straight from the fridge. Ready to eat! Via the Daily Post Photo Challenge #51: Ready

A beautiful vision

We had a federal election in May. The result was a shock to many. The polls had been suggesting the more progressive Labor Party was going to win for a while. Instead they were defeated and we are now looking at another three years or so of a conservative government. There have been hundreds of... Continue Reading →

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